Hair Extensions/Hair Patches/Hair Wigs

One can consider a human hair wig for Men & Women anytime to have a head full of hairs with natural-looking outcomes. Women can also go for this option if they want to change style and color for any occasion.
If you have realistic expectations you must go for it. Before placement, your practitioner will make you clear how it will look on you. If you will be satisfied then he will perform the wig hair restoration on you.
Prior to hair replacement, you will be provided with a size chart and you have to choose best for you. It will not be fixed too tight that it will cause headaches nor too loose that it can take a risk of wearing off.


  • No surgery is required
  • Relatively less expensive
  • Suitable if you have no donor hair
  • Natural hair wigs can be colored anytime when you want
  • No dye required for synthetic wigs as they hold permanent color

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