Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extensions at TNB Centre with variety of applications depending on your choice. We are interested in giving your eyes the glamour they deserve with our professionals showing the heart of true artistry making careful creation to your eyelashes.

For the classic set, we introduce just a thin layer of lashes to the natural ones and it’s light on the eyes and perfect for those that want to retain their natural look. In the volume set, we make a grandeur art out of your look by adding multiple layers of lashes to the natural ones to bring out it’s thickness and regality. The hybrid set combines the classic and the volume set giving your lashes a fluffier and fuller texture and look.

We also offer exquisite lash tints which are perfect for thicker and darker lashes, lash perm for clients who love their natural lashes curled, and lash lift to shapen your lashes giving it your aspired length, volume and height. TNB’s technicians are considered to be the best when it comes to having a lash lift in Hyderabad.


Why TNB Centre – Your Preferred Eyelash Extension Companion

Whether you want a half set, a full set, or intl. eyelash extensions, we’ll be happy to help. We also do refills and removals, as well as lash lifts and eyebrow tinting.

If you’ve never had a lash lift, or eyelash extensions before, you’ll be happily surprised with how much they do for your face. It’s like waking up with the make-up already on. Likewise, tinting your eyebrows can give you entire face a lift. If you want to upgrade your classic lashes, We will be happy to provide you with the eyelashes of your dreams.

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