Gel Nail Extension

Our gel nail extensions fit perfectly on your fingers, and our removal methods are clean and smooth.

At TNB Centre beauty concierge, we give you the best gel treatment.

Our curing process is done with the best practices, having your comfort and glam as our only focus. All we ask is that you trust us enough to place your hands in ours, and lets get your glam on! Just give the go ahead and we’ll be right there.

Why TNB Centre – Your Preferred Gel Nail Extension

This new form of extension has been perfected by our technicians and you get to choose from our various gel nail extension services without having to step out before it’s done. Our on-demand beauty technicians are the best and most effective when it comes to gel nail extensions service.

Gel Extension Natural: Regardless of where you are this form of gel nail extension can be performed on your nails. With proficiency, a form is applied to your natural nails before the gel is added all over the nails from the cuticle and cured under LED Lights.

Gel Extension Removal: While the gel extension is a cute and long-lasting ring to it, removing it needs the best of the professionals to prevent nail cracking. Our technicians have experience and the right equipment in drilling off the gel in a painless, cautious and relaxing way before soaking it in acetone as well as dusting it off with nails file.

Gel Overlay Natural: This form of nail service is recommended for clients that want to grow their short nails.

Gel Refill Natural: Just when your gel extension is moving farther away from the cuticles due to the growth of your natural nails, we offer the gel refill natural as a maintenance to your gel polish. This also gives you a chance to try out another nail shape and color done during the original extension.

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